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You can read all of the latest news about our church heating design and installation services below, including news on new heating contracts, projects we've successfully completed and future company developments and services.


This year help us celebrate our 40 anniversary. We have some offers that we will be introducing over the following months. Please contact us to find out what these are at the current time.


Upcoming project within the next months



With the winter months now closing in on us we have now confirmed orders for the following works.


New heating system in the church and nursery at St Marys church Broughty Ferry Scotland.Thsi installation will also consist of installing two new gas fired condensing boiler and associated control panels and new circulation pumps. The heating system will be divided into three heating zones each with optimum start control of the system.


We have now just finished a new heating system that will be up and running at St Marks church Bilton Rugby. This church  has had two new boilers full new pipe work upgarde and fan convectors fitted.


We will be installing a new warm air heating system very soon in Church of the Resurrection Upton Priory Macclesfield.


St James  church Sutton near Macclesfield are treating their selves to a new oil fired boiler. This will be fitted with new controls to offer optimum start of the heating system.


Newquay Christian center Newquay Cornwall have asked us to install  a new heating system to a redundant church that they have just brought.This includes two new boiler to befitted at their premise in Seymore Avenue.


St Stephen church Lewsham London have asked us to carry out the removal of their Grundy system and this will be replaced with a new energy efficient indirect warm air system.


St Mary roman catholic church Newbridge South Wales have now placed an order to replace their Ambi rad system. We will be fitting a new wet central heating system. 


St Oswald church Bollington near Macclesfied are having a new boiler plant fitted to replace their out date Hamworthy boiler.


St Bartholomew church Wednesbury have had their old boiler on fire. we have now been chosen to replace these units by their insurance company. We offered a very realistic quotation for this work. That is why the PCC and insurance company called us in.


St Johns church Knutsford and the architect asked us to design an under floor heating system. This has now been accepted by the PCC and architect. We will be fitting a constant temperature circuit for the radiators and a variable temperature circuit for the under floor heating. We will be installing a new suitably sized gas main and new gas fired condensing boilers. 


St Marys church Checkley  Staffs is now have their two year old oil fired boiler converted to gas. We will be fitting a new gas main and new Riello burner to the unit very soon.


St Andrews church Eccles near Manchester are having their heating upgraded. This will be fitted with additional gas fired radiant plaques to allow zoning of the main church heating.


Sale methodist church asked us if we could up grade their heating . We are fitting a new lowloss header to their boiler plant and new heating controls . This will be complete with four new suitably sized fan convectors with in the main body of the church.

Christ Church Chester



As the busy have now passed by and we have done numerous churches throughout the winter. We are now getting quite a full order book for the summer months. We now have the churches listed below for system up dates or new boiler installations.

We have orders for the following churches;

St Marys Church Sandbach Cheshire.

St Marys Church Weston Turville Buckinghamshire.

St Marys Church Rostherene near Knutsford Cheshire.

We have finally got the go ahead for St James church Milnrow near Rochdale. This is a full new heating system. 

Mount Pleasant Baptist church Blackwood South Wales. They are now up and running on a new heating system. They have had a new system in the church Powered by a 85 KW gas fired condensing boiler. New wall mounted radiators finished in brown all low surface temperature units.In the hall and meeting room we have fitted a new combination boiler to feed the hot water and low surface temperature radiators throughout. We have fitted two optimum start time clock on each heating zone complete with tamperproof stats.

Dunstable methodist church are running on two 90 kW boiler fitted in the church. These areas have now been zoned into five heating zones. The hall and parlor have electric heat pumps fitted in these areas. The boiler was removed from the hall and this was replaced with a 55 kW condensing boiler and three heating zones. We have been told that the gas bill here has gone down from £ 12,000 per annum to around £ 7,000 per annum.

St Marks Church Woodley Near Stockport are now running on their new Rinnai gas fired system. We installed eight of these unit in the winter months. This consisted of new gas mains and a new control system.The controls allow the church to have optimum start facility which learns how long it will take to heat the building. This is done through our own system called the IQ plus unit. 

St Luke Methodist church Hoylake Wirral are also running on their new Rinnai system.This is based on eight units and the same control system as St Marks church.

St Edmunds church Shipton on Stour Warwickshire. We have recently replaced the boiler. We fitted two new gas fired condensing boilers. Each one controlled by our Boilerman unit. We separated the main church and the Narthex. This now has reduced the cost of the fuel cost as each zone is individually controlled separately. Before we visited the church the boiler had to be on fro both areas.

Holy Trinity Knaresbrough Yorkshire. We have now installed two gas fired condensing boilers rated at 90 KW per boiler each.These have fed a total new heating system within the main church and vestry areas. This consisted of perimeter heating fitted underneath the pews adjacent to the walls of the building. These where finished in brown and where also low surface temperature.In addition to these radiators we fitted four fan convectors on a separate circuit. We fitted our own control system to maintain the building at 10 C if required. In addition to this it controls the boilers by the means of a flow stat which will shut one of the boilers down as the required flow temperature rises.This results in quite large savings in fuel.

All Saints Stetchford Birmingham. They are investing in a modern heating system this means the removal of the existing cast iron system.We are installing new Gilled tube in the exiting trenches down the main nave. The North and South aisle are having fan convectors fitted complete with triple panel radiators.All of these will be finished off in brown to blend in with the fabric of the building.

St Marys church Upper Street Islington London.We have recently carried out the installation of three new boilers. This consisted of the removal of the old obsolete Stelrad super Concord modular boiler. This was replaced with two 115 KW wall mounted gas fired condensing boilers. These where fitted with our own control system which sequences the boiler every week. It will also offer optimum start facility which self learns how long it will need to heat the building. The crypt was run off the old boiler which meant that the church heating had to run everyday. It has now been fitted with its own 30 KW gas fired boiler. It has its own optimum start time control fitted.

St Helens Church Witton Northwich.Repalcement of a gas fired Grundy system with A direct fired gas unit heater.

St Mary and St Pedroc Bodmin Cornwall. Replacement of oil fired Grundy system with indirect gas fried warm air system.

Caslhalton methodist church Surrey. Replacement of wet system. New system consist the installation of new Rinnai gas fired convector heaters.

Holy Trinity church Littleboruogh near Rochdale. Removal of old Robin Hood converted coal boiler and the replacement of two new gas fired condensing boilers. Complete with new heating controls.



Dunstable Methodist Church – installation of new boilers and heat pumps

Christ Church Lichfield – installation of new wet system inc. fan convectors and new boiler plant.

Our recently complete church heating projects


The Old Hall Hotel in Buxton, Derbyshire has now had brand new boliers and water heaters installed.  In addition to this we've also carried out alterations to pipe work and fitted new radiators at Christ Church in Alsager

The Congregational Church, Market Harborough - contract awarded


We are pleased to announce that we have been awarded the contract to install a new wet central heating system and condensing boiler for The Congregational Church in Market Harborough. 

Mellor and Mottram awarded a contract with Altrincham Methodist Church

Altrincham Methodist Church have awarded Mellor and Mottram the contract for the installation of new gas fired convector heaters and new wet central heating systems throughout their building. The church has now reported back to us that with this system now installed that they actually used nearly 40% less fuel than it did in the previous year. The main building got warm within 1.5 hours from cold using the Rinnai Convectors system.

Garstang Methodist Church award us the contract to install their new heating system

May has been a busy month for us starting with a new contract for the installation of a new wet central heating system and 2 new boilers to the chapel at Garstang Methodist Church . 

Work completed at St James Church Gorton Manchester

We have now completed work at St James Church. The project required the installation of a full new heating system, using traditional column radiators and 2 gas fired condensing boilers, including destratification fans at high level within the apex of the church.

A list of recent church heating installations completed by Mellor and Mottram

Date:30/11/ 2012

Below is a list of recent churches we have completed installations on. Unfortunately we have too  many churches to list as we have done around 450 of these if you require more information please contact us for more information.